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SafeinHome, Inc


Don Shirley

Don Shirley is President of SafeinHome, Inc., a provider of Remote Supports currently serving more than 2,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in fifteen (15) states. Mr. Shirley oversees all Sales, Marketing, Training, and Business Development activities and has done so since 2017.  With self-determination and independent living as the primary focus, SafeinHome, Inc. works with Individuals and Communities to connect people to trained support staff when it is needed, and allow for supported privacy when it is desired. 

Don has held executive and management positions in the Healthcare Industry for more than thirty-five (35) years.  Primarily focusing on innovation through leveraging technology for enhanced outcomes, Mr. Shirley has been a part of numerous ground-breaking initiatives within the healthcare technology and medical device industries. These include Baxter Healthcare Corporation and Medibuy, the first company to bring web-based procurement to the hospital industry. 

Mr. Shirley holds a BA in Economics from Indiana University Bloomington, and a MBA in Marketing from Loyola University of Chicago. Don currently resides in West Palm Beach Florida with his wife and three children. 

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